Plea For Justice To QLD Premier And Opposition Leader

The following email was sent to the Qld Premier and Opposition Leader.

Please keep in mind that this matter is over 30 years of unaddressed Crime and Corruption, causing serious damages to children, elderly, disabled people and families. Below is a copy of email sent on the 10.09.2019.

From: Michael Mathews
Sent: Saturday, 10 August 2019 2:42 PM
To: <>; Nanango Electorate Office <>; <>; Renée Emmanuel ;Helen M Edwards ;larry ;
Subject: Fw: Crime & Corruption in Queensland

Dear Madams,

As you are aware myself; Michael Mathews and Renée Emmanuel have been victims of unaddressed crimes for many years. Sadly this situation continues.

Please examine this email forwarded to yourselves that was sent to Queensland Chief Magistrate.

You will need to open the PDF link mentioned in the first paragraph, where you will find many items of criminal evidence and general corruption.

We are both ill people with disabilities due to crime and again recently we are having further problems receiving our mail and we have had considerable interference with our Internet Services, again recently, since the 22.07.2018. We had to take our fairly new modem to the Telstra Shop to be repaired. You will find many items of evidence in the PDF link in relation to these crimes.

This recent situation has caused myself; Michael Mathews much more pain and aggravation to my spine injuries due to car travel etc. Renée Emmanuel also suffers further when she has to attend to these matters of unnecessary travel and activities.

To top everything off for this week my normal chronic severe pain medication has not arrived in the mail and this will not just be a coincidence. We are targeted by operatives from within the system as is well known to occur to whistle blowers, justice activists and victims of crime in Australia.

Please see the link in the 7th paragraph email to the Qld Chief Magistrate for years of background information and evidence.

Hoping for justice to finally occur, yours sincerely,
Michael Mathews


Sadly, neither the Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk nor the opposition Leader Deb Frecklington have responded to this plea for help, even though they have both known for years about our long running, on going problems with crime and corruption in Queensland.

We also sent this email and the email to the Chief Magistrate to the following politicians and Govt agencies:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison,  Qld Minister Dick Cameron,  Qld Minister Kate Jones,  Qld Minister Steven Miles,  Qld Minister Mick De Brenni,  Qld Minister Carolee O’Rourke,  Qld Rossyln Bates MP,  Qld Steven Bennet MP,  Qld Michael Hart MP,  Qld David Janetzki MP,  Ann Leahy MP,  Marise Payne Comm MP,  Senator Anne Ruston,  Commonwealth Disabilities Royal Commission,  Disabled peoples organisation Australia,  Amnesty International Australia,  Minister Greg Hunt Comm Govt,  Australian Human Rights Commission and more

Most of the politicians have failed their duty and not responed, although they all haveresponsibilities in relation to our lawful rights and normal human needs.

The Australian Human Rights Commission responded but ignored the many Human Rights issues we have suffered from for many years as described in the PDF Link. They only commented saying that the crooked Magistrate at Nanango has immunity from being sued. At least the Human Right Commission understood and recognised that the Magistrate did obstruct, pervert justice as described in my email to the Qld Chief Magistrate.

Link Below:

email to chief magistrate 4.8.19