Ongoing targetted attacks from corrupt operatives within Government against us disabled victims of crime

We are hoping that the 2 Attorney generals and others in positions of criminal responsibility will finally choose to perform their lawful duty in accordance with the Common Law and Constitution that lawfully binds them to abide by the Law.

Copy of 7 page letter to the Commonwealth Attorney General: Senator Michaelia Cash

Plea For Justice To QLD Premier And Opposition Leader

The following email was sent to the Qld Premier and Opposition Leader.

Please keep in mind that this matter is over 30 years of unaddressed Crime and Corruption, causing serious damages to children, elderly, disabled people and families. Below is a copy of email sent on the 10.09.2019.

From: Michael Mathews
Sent: Saturday, 10 August 2019 2:42 PM
To: <>; Nanango Electorate Office <>; <>; Renée Emmanuel ;Helen M Edwards ;larry ;
Subject: Fw: Crime & Corruption in Queensland

Dear Madams,

As you are aware myself; Michael Mathews and Renée Emmanuel have been victims of unaddressed crimes for many years. Sadly this situation continues.

Please examine this email forwarded to yourselves that was sent to Queensland Chief Magistrate.

You will need to open the PDF link mentioned in the first paragraph, where you will find many items of criminal evidence and general corruption.

We are both ill people with disabilities due to crime and again recently we are having further problems receiving our mail and we have had considerable interference with our Internet Services, again recently, since the 22.07.2018. We had to take our fairly new modem to the Telstra Shop to be repaired. You will find many items of evidence in the PDF link in relation to these crimes.

This recent situation has caused myself; Michael Mathews much more pain and aggravation to my spine injuries due to car travel etc. Renée Emmanuel also suffers further when she has to attend to these matters of unnecessary travel and activities.

To top everything off for this week my normal chronic severe pain medication has not arrived in the mail and this will not just be a coincidence. We are targeted by operatives from within the system as is well known to occur to whistle blowers, justice activists and victims of crime in Australia.

Please see the link in the 7th paragraph email to the Qld Chief Magistrate for years of background information and evidence.

Hoping for justice to finally occur, yours sincerely,
Michael Mathews


Sadly, neither the Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk nor the opposition Leader Deb Frecklington have responded to this plea for help, even though they have both known for years about our long running, on going problems with crime and corruption in Queensland.

We also sent this email and the email to the Chief Magistrate to the following politicians and Govt agencies:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison,  Qld Minister Dick Cameron,  Qld Minister Kate Jones,  Qld Minister Steven Miles,  Qld Minister Mick De Brenni,  Qld Minister Carolee O’Rourke,  Qld Rossyln Bates MP,  Qld Steven Bennet MP,  Qld Michael Hart MP,  Qld David Janetzki MP,  Ann Leahy MP,  Marise Payne Comm MP,  Senator Anne Ruston,  Commonwealth Disabilities Royal Commission,  Disabled peoples organisation Australia,  Amnesty International Australia,  Minister Greg Hunt Comm Govt,  Australian Human Rights Commission and more

Most of the politicians have failed their duty and not responed, although they all haveresponsibilities in relation to our lawful rights and normal human needs.

The Australian Human Rights Commission responded but ignored the many Human Rights issues we have suffered from for many years as described in the PDF Link. They only commented saying that the crooked Magistrate at Nanango has immunity from being sued. At least the Human Right Commission understood and recognised that the Magistrate did obstruct, pervert justice as described in my email to the Qld Chief Magistrate.

Link Below:

email to chief magistrate 4.8.19


Corrupt Courts Australia

This post is the continuation of “Crime and Corruption in Queensland”

I have made further attempts to gain Justice in Queensland by writing to the Chief Magistrate in Brisbane and many others. The following email is to the Chief Magistrate who has refused to address any of the issues and has failed to comment or take lawful action for this matter to be heard before a lawfully established Jury in accordance with the Common Law, Australian Constitution and the Magna Carta under the Westminster Protocol.

Below is a copy of email:

From: Michael Mathews
Sent: Sunday, 4 August 2019 4:57 PM
To: <>
Cc: Renée Emmanuel; Helen M Edwards; larry; Nanango Electorate Office <>
Subject: Crime & Corruption in Queensland
To the Queensland Chief Magistrate, Mr Terry Gardiner

1. Dear sir, I need to draw your attention to the letter I received from the Qld Chief Magistrate, Judge Brendan Butler AM, SC. His letter is at Paragraph 10, document 4 in the PDF document here:

Crime and Corruption in Queensland
The following information and evidence is about 30 years of madness and insanity since I purchased 2 properties in Queensland. I hoped that since the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the state of Queensland would be a good place to live and work. My hopes like that of many other people were smashed due to extensive ongoing corruption.

2. Myself, Michael Mathews and Renée Emmanuel have been victims of unaddressed crime and corruption for many years, in fact 30 years in my case. We are both people with permanent disabilities and illness due to criminal abuses.

3. Judge Butler diligently referred us to the Qld Ombudsman like many other senior public officers also said. You can see at the above link and PDF, many letters from Govt officials referring our criminal complaints to various authorities but none have taken action.

4. In the PDf document there are many items of hard evidence relating to mail theft/fraud as described by the A. F. Police and a diligent Qld police Sergeant at Paragraph 8, documents 1 and 2.
We have been forced into homelessness and poverty for many years because crimes are still being ignored.

5. Please examine the blog post to see how justice has been obstructed and perverted again at the Nanango court on 22/7/2019. This matter should have gone before a Jury as I requested several times orally and in writing. These matters are covered in the PDF document at the above link. The magistrate and courts have also shown their callous disregard for the needs of people with disabilities and this information, letters etc are also in the PDF documents.
( a ) The Magistrate has chosen to set her course to defeat justice; Conspiring to defeat justice– “Any person who conspires with another to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat, the course of justice is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.” This is from Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland by Judge Reginald Francis carter and Assoc Judges.
( b ) The NSW criminal Law cases on perverting justice Section 319–Perverting the course of justice-“Any person who does any act, or makes any omission, intended in any way to pervert the course of justice, is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.
( c ) The Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 – Section 34 ( 4 ) (b) the judge or magistrate perversely exercises jurisdiction in a matter, and (c) the judge or magistrate has a personal interest in the matter.
6. The magistate had known for months that we had extensive evidence relating to our incoming and outgoing many years of Mail being stolen, stopped, intercepted and the Fraud/Theft as described by the A. F. Police and the diligent Qld police Sergeant at documents 1 and 2 in the PDF link. The magistrate had seen these letters but refused to look at them.
As you are well aware Judge Gardiner, this whole long running saga of human destruction matters must be heard before a Jury, or the Qld Attorney General can finally enter into mediation or at least respond as the Qld Premier recommended a few years ago. See letters in PDF link. Obviously this is a very serious public interest matter that is being aired around the world and in Australia on social media alongside numerous other Queensland and Australian crime matters.
7. Previous information and background evidence is at

sincerely, Michael Mathews


Please note that I said to the Chief  Magistrate in the 1st paragraph that his predecessor, Judge Brendan Butler had recognised corruption issues and referred us to the Qld Ombudsman. Judge Butler had only seen a small amount of the information and evidence, but easily recognised corruption.

The newly appointed Magistrate, Judge Gardiner received much more evidence, in fact 235 pages, yet he has failed/refused to address any issues.  The letter I received from the previous chief Magistrate is at Paragraph 10, document 4 in the PDF link below.

july 19 qld corruption

We are now back again in the long running situation where the Qld Govt and Courts continue refusing to take action against shocking corruption and stubbornly refuse to allow the matters to be heard before a Jury.
Obviously it is impossible for justice to be served when crimes are committed and police, judges, magistrates and Attorney generals refuse hear evidence from victims of crime. These matters have been filed in the Supreme court for many years but they have refused to allow the crime and corruption evidence to be heard in the court. The obvious problem they don’t want to deal with is the fact that numerous people have died or taken their own lives in despair, along with many others suffering sickness, homelessness etc.
They have all known for many years about our crime problems, including the theft/fraud of our mail services as shown in the PDF Link above. The result of the actions and omissions of all State public servants within Queensland Government and Authorities refusing to perform their lawful duty in relation to these numerous crimes is that they have set me, Michael Mathews up for criminal “Entrapment” and “Malicious prosecution” ( both criminal offences ) in order to keep all of the Crime and Corruption issues covered up.
See at the above PDF Link: Paragraph 27, document 22 marked in pink, 7 pages of evidence relating to our Registered Mail sent to Mossman Court Queensland. This mail was intercepted, stopped from being delivered in order to obstruct, pervert and defeat justice. See also paragraph 8 documents 1 and 2 where Australian Federal Police say it is the Queensland State Government and authorities, police etc who must address our Mail crime issues. At document 2 a diligent Qld police Sergeant refers our Mail crimes issues to the Crimes and Misconduct commission ( known as the CCC ) and their attached police, but they refuse to investigate any crime issues and fail to respond to communications.
We have evidence documents of our Registered Mail to and from the Qld Supreme court that has been fraudulently dealt with and stopped from being delivered or stolen. There are many other mail theft/fraud evidence items at the PDF Link.
If they had not conspired together to stop me from using all the criminal evidence as my defence and counterclaim from being heard before a lawfully established Jury, they know a Jury would have been horrified when they heard the whole truth.
A Jury would easily understand that it is Govt employees and cronies who are involved in intercepting, stopping, stealing and tampering with our mail for many years and it is again Govt employees who refuse to perform their duty to take action against crime and corruption.
The Qld Attorney General’s corrupt tactic is obviously to continue the long running stubbornness of refusing to respond to any crime and corruption issues and keep trying to bluff me with unlawful threats demanding I pay the unlawfully gained fines, so they can pretend the matter is dealt with and completed.
The Qld Govt and Attorney General have for many years refused to address any of our crime and corruption by mediation. Mediation could have easily resolved these matters in the early 1990s and much human damages would have been avoided. See PDF Link Paragraph 35, document 30 marked in pink highlighter; “The Declaration of basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime”.
I gather most people are aware that in our current era, an enormous amount of corruption matters are being uncovered, especially by caring decent Australians trying to help our society and victims of many crimes. Jesus Christ long ago foretold this would happen when he is quoted as saying “No matter is covered up except for the purpose of being uncovered”. This is happening in a big way since many ordinary law abiding people have the Internet and the mainstream media can no longer keep truth hidden. Trickery and Deception has proved to be the common method used to keep all of the people in a state of ignorance and confusion, but now the curtain has been pulled open, the raw truth shows us Australia’s Chronic Lawlessness.







Crime and Corruption in Queensland

The following information and evidence is about 30 years of madness and insanity since I purchased 2 properties in Queensland. I hoped that since the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the state of Queensland would be a good place to live and work. My hopes like that of many other people were smashed due to extensive ongoing corruption.

See the recent “Guardian” article showing the former Attorney General; Dean Wells rather politely saying corruption is still rife in Queensland

There has been multiple deaths, suicides in despair, sickness, forced homelessness, bankruptcies, marriage breakdowns, child abuse, abuse of the elderly and disabled people, but no one in responsible, highly paid positions in Government or Authorities will perform their lawful duty.

On the 22 July 2019; The Magistrate at Nanango, Qld chose to conspire to obstruct and pervert justice and says she has fined me for driving an unregistered car but of course I did not receive a registration notice due to the ongoing problem we have had for years where many of our outgoing and incoming mail has been stopped, stolen, secreted or intercepted in our many years trying to gain justice and basic human rights.

I told the Magistrate she has committed Criminal offences by refusing us to give evidence to her court of petty sessions. She has “Compounded Crimes” (misprison); Treason, and she has acted under a “False Assumption of Authority” and “False Pretences”. Obviously I told the Magistrate I will appeal and if necessary to the High court. There are many articles at  and other sites showing how people are taking a stand against Corruption in Queensland and Australia wide. David Walter in North Qld and Wayne Glew are former policeman fighting this corruption.

The following PDF document is an overview of these criminal matters. The first page is a letter to the Magistrate, then 14 pages of index and notes in relation to each evidence exhibit marked in pink ink.  The Exhibits are marked from 1 – 67.

Please note that there are numerous letters from Government Ministers, Prime Ministers, senior Public Officers, Attorney General’s and the Queensland Chief Magistrate identifying and referring our Crime and Corruption issues to the Ombudsman, CCC, police etc but all have failed/refused to take action.

 The Magistrate at Nanango knew the evidence and Exhibits existed and she twice refused to receive the bundle of documents and refused to allow us to use any evidence in her court of petty sessions. I had previously informed the Magistrate that the matter must be heard before a lawfully established Jury but she chose to ignore our rights under the Constitution and Common Law. Concealing crime at the courts and at Government level is promoting crime and encouraging the rapid growth of crime and corruption.

Obviously I am unable or willing to pay her fines because she gained orders unlawfully and in fact if I cowered to her lawless demands I would be committing the offence of Aiding and Abetting in crime.

Please find the attached PDF: 

july 19 qld corruption