Crime and Corruption in Australia

13/02/2022. Currently working on this site as has been problematic since created.

I was born in Australia and from an early age I found corruption was well entrenched, but rarely our governments and authorities are willing to deal with corruption.

I have watched crime and corruption steadily grow since the 1950s

All Australians need to understand that if we do not work together for justice for all, we are inviting politics to dominate us into self destruction of our society.

Plea For Justice To QLD Premier And Opposition Leader

The following email was sent to the Qld Premier and Opposition Leader. Please keep in mind that this matter is over 30 years of unaddressed Crime and Corruption, causing serious damages to children, elderly, disabled people and families. Below is a copy of email sent on the 10.09.2019. From: Michael Mathews Sent: Saturday, 10 August…

Corrupt Courts Australia

This post is the continuation of “Crime and Corruption in Queensland” I have made further attempts to gain Justice in Queensland by writing to the Chief Magistrate in Brisbane and many others. The following email is to the Chief Magistrate who has refused to address any of the issues and has failed to comment or…

Crime and Corruption in Queensland

The following information and evidence is about 30 years of madness and insanity since I purchased 2 properties in Queensland. I hoped that since the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the state of Queensland would be a good place to live and work. My hopes like that of many other people were smashed due to extensive ongoing corruption.…

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