Crime and Corruption in Queensland

The following information and evidence is about 30 years of madness and insanity since I purchased 2 properties in Queensland. I hoped that since the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the state of Queensland would be a good place to live and work. My hopes like that of many other people were smashed due to extensive ongoing corruption.

See the recent “Guardian” article showing the former Attorney General; Dean Wells rather politely saying corruption is still rife in Queensland

There has been multiple deaths, suicides in despair, sickness, forced homelessness, bankruptcies, marriage breakdowns, child abuse, abuse of the elderly and disabled people, but no one in responsible, highly paid positions in Government or Authorities will perform their lawful duty.

On the 22 July 2019; The Magistrate at Nanango, Qld chose to conspire to obstruct and pervert justice and says she has fined me for driving an unregistered car but of course I did not receive a registration notice due to the ongoing problem we have had for years where many of our outgoing and incoming mail has been stopped, stolen, secreted or intercepted in our many years trying to gain justice and basic human rights.

I told the Magistrate she has committed Criminal offences by refusing us to give evidence to her court of petty sessions. She has “Compounded Crimes” (misprison); Treason, and she has acted under a “False Assumption of Authority” and “False Pretences”. Obviously I told the Magistrate I will appeal and if necessary to the High court. There are many articles at  and other sites showing how people are taking a stand against Corruption in Queensland and Australia wide. David Walter in North Qld and Wayne Glew are former policeman fighting this corruption.

The following PDF document is an overview of these criminal matters. The first page is a letter to the Magistrate, then 14 pages of index and notes in relation to each evidence exhibit marked in pink ink.  The Exhibits are marked from 1 – 67.

Please note that there are numerous letters from Government Ministers, Prime Ministers, senior Public Officers, Attorney General’s and the Queensland Chief Magistrate identifying and referring our Crime and Corruption issues to the Ombudsman, CCC, police etc but all have failed/refused to take action.

 The Magistrate at Nanango knew the evidence and Exhibits existed and she twice refused to receive the bundle of documents and refused to allow us to use any evidence in her court of petty sessions. I had previously informed the Magistrate that the matter must be heard before a lawfully established Jury but she chose to ignore our rights under the Constitution and Common Law. Concealing crime at the courts and at Government level is promoting crime and encouraging the rapid growth of crime and corruption.

Obviously I am unable or willing to pay her fines because she gained orders unlawfully and in fact if I cowered to her lawless demands I would be committing the offence of Aiding and Abetting in crime.

Please find the attached PDF: 

july 19 qld corruption


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